The search for the fountain of youth has been on-going for centuries and it has spurred some pretty bizarre practices and products as a result.

Some of these products that are marketed as being able to reverse the effects of time and age and to bring back the once-youthful glowing skin of yester years have shown promise and produced results at least to a certain point.


However, whether or not the fountain of youth does exist and the reality of whether scientists have been able to tap into it and bottle it is still uncertain but the safety concerns surrounding a number of these products continue to grow.

A product that has recently been under scrutiny is Nerium anti aging which is produced by Nerium Biotechnology, based in Texas.

What Is Nerium?

As the company starts it's international expansion starting with the Nerium launch into Canada it's important we look at the companies history.

A brief look at the company shows that it has been in the limelight before this time with a product called Anvirzel, which was also made from nerium oleander extract and claimed to cure cancer.

In studies conducted, it showed that it slowed down the growth of cancerous cells in the human bladder.

However, it did not receive approval from the FDA in the end as it did nit demonstrate that it actually worked for patients with cancer who were carefully dosed and monitored.

This along with the fact that there are no published studies to prove or disprove the claims made makes people antsy about using the product and is causing a sort of furor in cosmetic circles with the discussion raging on.

Additionally, the key ingredient used in nerium anti aging cream is Nerium Oleander, a beautiful plant which is also quite deadly.


Its harmful effects are not limited to just humans but animals as well. The seriousness of this is showcased by the description of the American Cancer Society as poisonous and the FDA refused to approve a supplement in the 90s that had Nerium Oleander because of its adverse side effects.

Nerium Cream

All this raises questions on why this ingredient would be in a beauty product as it seems contradictory with its properties of killing cells which is what it does in its battle with cancer.

It does have its merits with the lipophilic nature and molecular weight of Nerium Oleander favoring skin penetration.

In skin application it does not produce systemic levels of Oleander which would be of concern as it is either not in sufficient amount to cause any reaction or it’s bound locally to the tissue.

The topical application does not cause the same reaction as ingestion of Nerium Oleander its efficacy is however still in question as a lot of the reviews out there on the product have not been very positive.

The main selling point for nerium anti aging cream is the MLM that provides an opportunity to earn through the network.

The full Nerium reviews will give you much background on the company and where it's going.

This part of the company has received good reviews with its distributors who have reached a certain level receiving different types of bonuses including a Lexus.

The Effects

Some people who have sensitive skin have reported itching and burning sensations as well as redness and rashes.

Although it has been used in historical times dating back 1500 years, being used by traditional herbalists to treat different maladies including warts, corns, sores, scabies, herpes, abscesses, dermatitis and eczema, its use today is surrounded by shadows of doubt as the science behind it cannot be proven and there are not enough studies to show exactly what one should expect.

The question that a lot of people have is whether it can cause skin damage and Nerium Biotechnology has not made any responses to this.

The active ingredient in this product which has been used to create two completely different effects on skin and which is surrounded by such controversy it is best to take caution when using the product and basically before using any beauty product.

The science behind this may be sound and the economic empowerment that it carries could very well be worth a try but when shrouded with such mystery and the silence from its creators concerning issues that could affect their customer does not inspire confidence.

That said however there are people who report seeing changes and who are genuinely happy with its results showing that one size really does not fit all.

While fine lines on your face or body can be a sign of aging, to some, the wrinkles can start to appear on the face while they are at the tender age of 25. No one would want to have fine lines on his/her face as everybody looks forward to remaining as young as possible.

How-to-reduce-fine-linesFine lines which appear on your forehead, lips or the face are as a result of several factors. The researchers have associated this skin condition to loss of collagen in the skin, sun damage and loss of the skin’s elasticity.

Though many of the cosmetic procedures and topical solutions do not entirely eliminate the fine lines, they make significant improvements on the appearance of your skin.So what are some of the things your need to do in order to your skin for it to remain as young as you would want it to? The following are some of the tips on how to reduce fine lines on your skin.

1. Purchase anti-wrinkle formula

One of the most ideal ways to deal with fine lines on your skin is by purchasing a skin solution over the counter or from the doctor with the right prescription. However, buying the solution from a pharmacy can be better because the pharmacist can advise you on the best solution to use which has minimal side effects to the skin. Many of these formulas are a great source hyaluronic acid and collagen which helps improve you skin appearance in a matter of weeks. This can be the most effective and convenient way to maintain your skin appearance because currently the supply of these skin treatment formulas is high and they are readily available in pharmacies and other specified skin product stores.

2. Use serum

Serum is believed to have higher concentrations of wrinkle-fighting elements that creams and other skin formulas. According to dermatologists and researchers, serum contains Vitamin C which has a strong antioxidant that stimulates the production of collagen that significantly improves skin which has higher concentration of wrinkles and fine lines. The serum can be acquired from the available dermatological clinics around you or in various pharmacies within your town or city or consider checking out these Seacret reviews for some of the best facial serum in the market.

3. Lay the right base

If you would want to reduce fine lines on your skin, then you should consider skipping cream foundations. This is because when used on a skin that is less-than-perfect, they easily crease and cake on the skin hence encouraging the formation of fine lines. Moreover, a lightweight liquid formula can be the best to use on the face and while dabbing or stippling it on ensure you use a brush. Long brushstrokes can leave marks that resemble fine lines hence should be avoided.

4. Try dermal fillers

Dermal fillers usually work by one injecting a given solution directly into the skin part containing wrinkles in order to attain a smoother appearance. However, you should research to find out the best injectable solution that smoothen the wrinkled skin or fine lines quickly while producing longer-lasting results. New dermal solutions keep coming up ever day and you should ensure you ensure you do not miss out on the latest dermal filler which might produce positive results when used on the skin.

5. Consider using a chemical peel 

Mostly performed at a doctor’s clinic or medical spa, chemical peel helps rejuvenate and greatly help in getting rid of fine lines. The depths of the peels vary greatly thus customizing the skin treatment based on your skin needs becomes easy. Once the chemical has been applied on the skin, the outer skin layer cells peels off leaving you with a smoother and younger looking skin with minimal wrinkles and fine lines that improve your skin appearance.

6. Try laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin treatments are one of the latest trends used in performing cosmetic procedures today. This procedure uses high intensity laser beam that penetrates in to the skin surface to stimulate the production of collagen that helps the skin have or maintain a youthful look. Having laser skin resurfacing performed on your skin produces significant results which usually require no downtime thereafter.

In choosing the best method or procedure that can help you reduce fine lines of your skin, consider one which has minimal side effects and one that produces longtime results for your skin like dead sea mud. Moreover, choosing on a cheaper method that produces significant results can go a long way in ensuring you conveniently get the desired results.